A Collaboration Poem WrittenBy Somdatta Mitra ( India ) & Suzanne Newman ( U.K.


You cannot deny that war is full of cruelty,

Full of selfish, greedy intent and uncaring emotions.

War cares not about the innocent children in its way,

And gladly overlooks the damage and suffering to civilians.

War rips apart families and once happy homes,

And ensures any peaceful land is stripped to bare bones.

~ Suzanne Newman

Great is the guilt of an unnecessary war,

Where minds deviate to destroy lives and sore.

Those firearms, battle tanks and submarines rift relations,

Conjuring to the vexation of humanity at large.

History roars of the damage caused,

Never healed the pains of those families that are shell shocked.

~ ©®Somdatta Mitra

War leaves scars on the landscape and in human hearts

Which can never be erased – it stays embedded for a lifetime in the mind,

Causing nightmares of the past,

For the horrific history of war seems to constantly repeat itself.

Clearly warmongers have no conscience, just a lust for power and control,

Inside them is a dark place, devoid of any compassion within the soul.

~Suzanne Newman

We recall the blemishes of barbarity,

Where innocence was crushed and strangled by a tyranny.

Atom bombs or ammunitions exploded and destroyed,

Several families oppressing them in a vengeance and employed.

Travesty of law could have a perfect representation,

Where nature was tyrannized by the umbrage of the merciless conflagration.

~ ©®Somdatta Mitra

We’re all only human,

flesh and bone, made by God’s creating hands.

And should “Love thy neighbour”, not make war,

for this is His wish and command,

I wonder what merciless warmongers will say,

When in front of God’s judgement throne they stand.

~Suzanne Newman

Love and peace must be our vagaries,

World solidarity must replace zabernism in an emphasis.

Compassion , concern , empathy must transgress apprehensions ,

Enveloping the world with kindness.

©®Somdatta Mitra