A Collaborative poem by Matt Elmore( U.s.a.)& Somdatta Mitra (India)


Emptiness saturates cities

Overwhelmed with contentions

One rotten apple in a fruitful bag

Begins to affect the entire bunch

Despite skills bosses are blind

Yet see color instantly denied.

~ Matt Elmore

Strangers seem to hold hands ,

For a universal friendship and brotherhood .

The world awaits a union to strengthen ties,

Terrorism and corruption must be abolished.

Mutual understanding and dependence,

Touch our hearts to gather;

A pure mind full of love and affection.

~ Somdatta Mitra

Crusades fought for religion

World wars over sunken lands

Local skirmishes become global

Over natures of most wicked design

Setting aside only those treasures

For one class one color one kind

~ Matt Elmore

Now it is time to forget all the barriers and hostility ,

Lets forget all the differences and seek a goal.

International friendship is the strongest boon to all nations ,

As they unite to make this world a beautiful garden of thoughts.

Morally , culturally , linguistically a new life awaits ,

Where friendship will bloom and spread the fragrances .

~ Somdatta Mitra

Replace missiles with messages of mercy

Relegate recognitions to common bonds

Delegate love rather than propagate hate

Resuscitate a planetary body nearing death

Accentuate life and eliminate destruction

Proportioning wants according to needs

~ Matt Elmore

Let that magnificent planet be wended ,

For a realm, paradise or pilgrimage.

Where love is overabundance like waterfalls ,

And equality sustains solidarity and jocundity.

A thread of emotions tessellated,

With unity of international brotherhood ;

And spread the message of friendship like a perfume.

~ Somdatta Mitra