A Collaborative poem by Zezabek MarhMark from Phillipines & Somdatta Mitra from India

Somdatta Mitra

A Collaborative poem by Zezabek MarhMark from ( Phillipines🇵🇭 ) & Somdatta Mitra from ( India 🇮🇳)


When she reach puberty,

A physical changes they say,

Changes that mark a transition ,

That’s the time, or when she bleeds,

A hormonal changes that cause

The thickining of the lining then it sheds.

©®ZeZabek MarhMark 🇵🇭

They never realise her pain and insecurities,

As she has to hide it from the men .

Her natural flow is a gift of God ,

That she is reaching her fertility.

Over the matured eggs that are released ,

From the ovary to attain the bliss of motherhood.

©®Somdatta Mitra 🇮🇳

Male and Female are different ,

that’s what they don’t understand

They have uterus and ovaries ,though

That produce the eggs and Fertilized ,While uterus

nourish the developing fetus ,

Female suffer pain and inflammation

That trigger the urine muscle contraction.

©®ZeZabek MarhMark 🇵🇭

Her washed pieces of a cloth hung on a clothesline ,

Are gossiped over having a stain.

Hanging them on the open rooftop is considered as a shame.

Traditional beliefs that a woman in her menstrual cycle ,

Must hide their cloths in a segregated room ;

Where the world will not be able to identify that she is bearing such pains.

©®Somdatta Mitra 🇮🇳

When she bleeds

It’s the intricate and fragile stage of them

This is the stage female open to bully and accident.

Parents and guardians should pay attention

Their mannerisms and behavior maybe our problem ,

Guardians should extend thier patience to understand them.

©®Zezabek MarhMark 🇵🇭

A woman strives hard to perform a multitasking ,

Despite all adversities at this stage.

She is kind and considerate to the societal taboo ,

Slowly her contemporary thoughts surpass in a transgression today.

She wants to outlast in her menstrual phase ,

With dignity and pride .

This is natural , gifted and her metamorphosis ,

That she will be a caregiver to her children and family.

©®Somdatta Mitra 🇮🇳