A painting that i longed to colour- Somdatta Mitra

Somdatta Mitra

Country : India


Several colours tempt me in a conundrum ,

A painting that I longed to emblem.

Imaginations floated and feelings surged to create ,

An incredible thought that floated in my mind.

Yes , a picture of a woman who explores her dignity ,

Who has been a victim of several conflagrations .

Nature surrounds her as her mother,

Voices stupefy the world with her bold decisions.

She enamoured peace and divinity ,

She embraced all with a generosity.

Scorns have pricked her heart like thorns ,

Intentional discouragements have penetrated her soul like storms.

Her smile and courage never effaced her determination,

Colours of righteousness adorn her firmness.

Tolerance and consistent hope have fuelled her spirit ,

As I blend red and blue to make purple for her conflicts.

I mixed yellow and red to get amber ,

The nature welcomes with wide open arms.

Brightened eyes that speak thousands of speeches ,

Are coloured with black and tinge of brown in the eyelashes.

She is fearless and indomitable ,

I gratiate her with some black hairs to adorn her beauty .

Her wings give us the impression of a phoenix ,

As she rises above her level of integrity.

That righteousness and honesty is a good virtue ,

Orange and grey could manoeuvre her polite gestures.

My brushes touched that delicate strokes ,

Over the face and enlightened her dazzling countenance.

Ravishing , bedazzled and awe inspiring ,

She bedecked the painting as deserving an admiration .

©®Somdatta Mitra

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