A poem collaboration between Somdatta Mitra ( India ) & Michael (Mag) Grgich (Usa )


In the rectitudinous instinct ,

Let our thoughts sway and wander.

We must dare to be free,

As far as our thoughts leads to.

Seldom we talk to our hearts and soul,

We mirror our paths for a goal.

©®Somdatta Mitra

For, freedom starts within the dream

When eyes close to the pain they see

opening the door to fantasy

Supplying the air for a soul to breathe

Deep inside it pulls at me

The want, the dare to be a soul free.

©® Michael (MAG) Grgich

When it is time to implement our plans ,

We are engrossed in the optimism in a stand.

Life teaches us how best to fly ,

Gifting a freedom that the mind cherishes to comply.

Yet we must float in our unending thoughts ,

And move on in the vista of our dreams.

©®Somdatta Mitra

Free of the mortal chains tethered stone

A mind free floating on its own

Breeching the dream to find its home

A mind alive, like the ebb and flow of ocean foam

A brand new world to my minds eye is shown

As I dare to be free, as I freely roam

©® Michael (MAG) Grgich

Zesting in spirits that permeate a sensitivity ,

A freedom to idealize the true facets of dignity and morality.

With ultimate cogent way to live life in an ethereal bliss,

And never bothering the ultimate rights ;

To a transgression if necessary.

©®Somdatta Mitra

So as I dare for freedom, freedom dares for me

Through clouds I fly on freedoms wings

Safe and sheltered from what shadows bring

New life inside me breaking free

With a full heart, and a soul that’s clean

I dare to taste the freedom, to embrace the dream

©® Michael (MAG) Grgich