A selfless caregiver-Somdatta Mitra

Country : India


A benign smile that bedecked her ethereal beauty,

As her reserved countenance spelled her charm adorning her personality.

With her gentle , placid and diligent aura ,

Complimented to her strong and tolerant enigma.

Encouraging all for their qualities ,

Caring for caregiving in a contentment and family union ;

She was a dove who was perhaps unexplored.

My mother was a statue of good virtues ,

Such inexplicable patience in bearing the harshness.

Several adversities were confronted with her calmness ,

With adjustments she acclimated all odds.

Never complaining once for what remained unheard,

Always seeking pleasure among relatives and friends.

She only expected from all,

To love her without any discriminations .

Hostile eyes effaced ,

Her divine dignity chasing her with confrontations.

Yet she was a song bird ,

Her beautiful voice echoed in a seclusion.

She had an angelic beauty ,

Such magical traits used to attract me over her versatility.

Sewing , knitting , cooking , dancing complimented her ,

As a dignified and efficient homemaker.

Being compassionate she cradled the hermitage of love ,

Her affection was perhaps not explored by many.


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