A Tagore inspiration: In mine arms* i hug my darkness-Jay Basu


darkness at its intense

deepened to its deepest

murmurs in confidence:

“put out the light

blindfold eyes to even the faintest bluish blink

of a stray firefly, or the rusty glimmer

of the loneliest star…

be lost in tentacles of the dark arteries of earth

be lost in the darkness of the sky that enthrals

that you can strike the matchstick again

again can you spark up the flintstones

see how a single flash illumines in instant

darkness that amassed over the millennia

hear what the dark puts it in pathos…

why not mistress me:

I’m ‘darkness’ pure and simple

that would make you feel how again and again

in my hugs you’re sweetly frozen and numbed

against the angst of your existence

in my hugs you long for light to embrace you

and you give your words and chants over

to those doleful supplications and prayers

that keep welling up in your heart

and go unheeded by the cosmic soul…

be dry like fossil, hard like dungri

and strong and stolid like oak

be a marvel of miracles

to hear me still pipe

the pious pastoral melodies

and seep your soul in the chants for peace

and create a crescendo of ecstasy

in the hope for light

leaving aside a fiddler’s notes on

the paroxysms of the pain of living and dying”

thus spoken to by my mistress

I gaze into the dark skyey void

little knowing … why the puffs of hope

breathe smack into my hungry heart…

why in fancy I see you come back, smack

to me, to smell me and then kiss away

in a soft, feminine and perfumed way

my stale, reeking stench of sadness

bred in the breathing of darkness upon me!


” … I will encounter darkness as a bride, and hug it in mine arms”

_ Shakespeare, ‘Measure for Measure’ ]

©® Jay Basu

Inspiration from Tagore’s:

আমার জ্বলে নি আলো অন্ধকারে

দাও না সাড়া কি তাই বারে বারে॥

তোমার বাঁশি আমার বাজে বুকে কঠিন দুখে, গভীর সুখে–

যে জানে না পথ কাঁদাও তারে॥

চেয়ে রই রাতের আকাশ-পানে,

মন যে কী চায় তা মনই জানে।

আশা জাগে কেন অকারণে আমার মনে ক্ষণে ক্ষণে,

ব্যথার টানে তোমায় আনবে দ্বারে ।।

– Rabindranath Tagore