Bangle sellers who fascinate-Somdatta Mitra



In an inspiration from the esteemed poetess SAROJINI NAIDU from her famous poem ” THE BANGLE SELLERS ” , I have tried to relive the emotions.


Bangle sellers are we who bears ,

With a zealous squeal to rampant desires.

Sanctiloquent cheers that a salubrious heart chant ,

For the tender hands who cradle the baby to enchant.

Epaulet , waistband , jhoomars and earrings ,

Near an edifice would cogitate while you are exploring.

Colours of life that emboss your sweat ,

In Vegas gold , crimson and pink with an unfettered barette.

Sitting in this scorching heat we yell,

To welcome the visitors in this temple .

Never fear of colours to welt ,

These glasses are the dignity of maidens.

With emphatic cheer the farmerette will wear ,

In her sinewy wrists that define her flare.

In wanton concord the aristocracy will validate the grace ,

The zamindar would beckon to a vainglory for his wife in a chase.

The night will glorify the hope of those ebullient sisters ,

Who wait for their brothers to return from warfronts with love of splinklers.

Those maidens will cradle a diffident smile in a whisper ,

From a sequestration they will blush at the sound of the red bangles in their prayers.

©® AMB. Somdatta Mitra

Country – India