Chains of life-Fali Ndreka

Chains of life

Italy: February 2024

We contemplate every day,

Like the mountains with their beauty

on the horizon dissolve,

As the branches of trees flourish,

Like a tree when it sheds its leaves,

it feeds itself with them.

It turns green and lives again.

But can’t we?!

Or we don’t understand,

To feed ourselves

With love,

an unrequited love,

So that our opinions do not remain in the mud of the mocal,

And then we feel poor,

miserable and foolish.

From many words we drown,

In flattering words we swim,

Intrigue, war, flash and roar,

Our life is full of sins.

Why do we ask for peace?

To refresh the soul,

To free the learned feet,

hands tied,

and imprisoned mind,

and enslaved by interest.

To melt your hard hearts.

An old trunk has blinded us,

With roots that absorb,

water from the sin of the world.

Where the wicked as urith makes war

in the dark and winding tunnel beneath the earth.

The sludge down there,

it has taken over our thought filters.

And let us not walk the path of peace,

But it drives us to poverty of spirit,

And in the humility before the misery of malice.

The nooses of ignorance are wrapped around our necks.

False brilliance keeps us from moving forward,

The seed of peace is not left for us to sow.

Victim of politicians coming from hell, paint out.

You and I, let us walk on safe horizons,

Where the mountains open and close,

Where we feed on the milk of peace like birds every day,

Where the sun of life burns away all evil.

Where the moon is the moon and the day is the day.