Collaborative poem by Namatovu Ruth from ( Uganda) and Somdatta Mitra from ( India )


In the lame light dream of a dancer’s twirls

Grace unfolds in a world enchanted with swirls

Yet shadows linger dreams out of the grace

Amidst spotlights’ gentle embrace

Within silence dreams held in a delicate glass

For in whispered echoes a symphony of dreams would amass.


Unleashing her silent desires as an athrist ,

Corroborating to uplift herself as a ballet dancer in a bliss.

Alheri was determined to search a guide,

In her pursuit she augmented to explore in her stride.

As an admirer of Natalia Osipova ,

She was sanguine of her attempts to diverge to London.

©®Somdatta Mitra

In the tapestry of dreams,

Alheri spun

A ballet dancer’s journey had just begun

Natalia’s essence a muse so divine ,

Whispering aspirations in the dancer’s design.

London’s allure beckoned,

a path to tread

In the tapestry of life, where dreams were led.


Natalia paved the way for a professional ,

An exemplary ballet dancer who can be Alheri ‘s guru.

Day in and day out she practiced to persevere,

Blooming and augmenting to an empyreal dancer .

Her cheeks would redden with a definite lambency ,

Her sweat would compliment her innate passion of ebulliency .

©®Somdatta Mitra

Each step echoes to the final stand,

In the ballet’s language, a statement so grand.

“At the stage feel the rhythm in your soul,

Let each movement take control.”

In the ballet’s language, a guru’s translation,

Natalia’s wisdom, a dancer’s revelation.


And the final progression unleashed a reality ,

That Alheri was finally accomplished in her tenacity.

Her devotion towards learning brought a momentum ,

Where she performed a thunderous rendition to astonish the world in a perfection.

©®Somdatta Mitra