Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna-Mommy

 Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna was born on July 12, 1968 in the village of Kok-Zhar in the Nookat district of the Osh region of Kyrgyzstan.

Eralieva Umutkan is a poet, writer, publicist. Member of the National Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan (2011), the Union of Journalists of Kyrgyzstan (2014). Member of the Writers’ Union of North America (2021), member of the Eurasian Creative Guild (London) (2021), member of the Singapore Federation of World Culture and Art.

Author of ten books.Winner of more than international literary festivals and competitions. His works have been translated into more than 75 languages of the world.Participant of more than 360 world literary almanacs, newspapers, magazines, anthologies, websites. Literary editor of four international English-language journals.

Literary editor of the world’s popular English-language electronic magazine “Kaviya Kishore”, an international hardcover magazine “Luminance” in Bangladesh (Dhaka). General Director of the international online publication Skylark Poetry spi (Dhaka) in Kyrgyzstan. The magazine “World International Editorial Board” (USA).Academician of the Brazilian Literary Academy “Alegro”.Awarded the medal “Icon of Peace” of the Institute of Peace in Nigeria (Africa) (2022). Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for World Peace in Nigeria.Ambassador of the Institute for World Peace in Nigeria.President of Polish (Warsaw) Literary Association (SAPS) in Kyrgyzstan.

Ciesart Barcelona (International Chamber of Writers and Artists) and Director of Ciesart-Kyrgyzstan ;


Finalist certificate “category Poetry” is awarded

6-10 th of May 2022 SHCUCHINSK , BURABAY DISTRICT  (KAZAKHSTAN)OF FINALIST category “OPINION JOURNALISM” is awarded.XI open EURASIAN LITERATURE FESTIVAL&BOOK FORUM (10-16th of December 2022 Melbourne Australia)

OF FINALIST category “PROSE”  in nomination CHILDREN BOOK

XI open EURASIAN LITERATURE FESTIVAL&BOOK FORUM  (10-16th of December 2022 Melbourne Australia)

 Project Ambassador” Stockholm-2033 ” In Kyrgyzstan

Ambassador of the International Academy of Ethics (India).

Participant of the project “Mario compar Poesia” in Brazil.

Ambassador for Peace and Humanity IF CH Morocco;

Awarded the Star of Culture Medal of the Columbia Institute of Literature (2023). Medalla de la Estrella Cultural Letras del Pacífico

The “Ambassador of Peace” Award of the UN International Organization in the field of peace and human rights.

In 2022, the music for the author’s song “stop the war” was written by the famous Polish composer Zbigniew Roth.

а) Eralieva Umutkan Polotovna

б) Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek

в) 12.07 1968. 56 years old

festivals: IV Meeting of Writers and Artists “Weaving Brotherhood” Together for the Letters Kyrgyzstan thanks to the hard and tireless work of Umutay Ehralieva Coordinator of HEADQUARTERS №18. Congratulations! Director Mirta Ramirez.


November 28, 2023 • saddiq ahmed


 I participated 2 times in the live broadcast of the Indian “Uddan Television” (Toufig Zohur).

In Mexico, Letizia Guzman read her poems 25 times in the program UMRO UMAMOS AL MUNDO RADIO ONLINE

Receiving 450 certificates and awards

а) Translated into 72 languages

(г) Teacher


Shined like the spring sun,

You looked like May.

She fed me, rejoiced,

Sang bye-bye songs.

I will not forget your image

He is everywhere in my heart.

Raised and educated

For man to live on earth.

You wished happiness and health,

Our house was an ark from all storms.

He’s a carefree child

And mom is a guiding light.

When mommy was in the house,

There is comfort and beauty everywhere.

The character is calm and kind,

And freshness and cleanliness all around.

In disputes we could only make noise,

Who will look after mom?

Universe, spin around, dear,

Mother Earth raised us.

Mother is the happiness of family and home,

Not a single soul can compare with her.

Like rays, gems,

Long live the mothers in the world!