Francesco Favetta-    Beyondthat dark veil

The Poet Francesco Favetta was born in the land of Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, food for the soul: culture is Freedom, it is Free Spirit, it is Soul in Motion, not should never be harnessed!n 2018 he was awarded the Academician of Sicily by the Accademia di Sicilia.He has been published in various anthologies and magazines, among which we mention a few:international magazine The Poet;

Revista Azahar which edited the first anthology of poems in Spanish: Encantamiento y Palabras como Plumas;Anthology The Silk Road Anthology: Nano Poems for Africa; “Poetic Galaxy Atunis”;

WorldSmith International Editorial; OPA The Poetry Journal; Innombrable magazine; Polis Magazine; rank of minister in the Order of the Titan and publication of a lyric in Octobermania;

international literary magazine Kavya Kishor in Bangladesh;

international magazine of language, literature and culture “Petrushka Nastamba” Serbia; international magazine, Namaste India and certificate of appreciation;

Different Truths social journalism platform;

Cisne Revista Digital;

Humanity magazine St. Petersburg; fourth Panorama International Literature Festival Spain, delegate for Italy.

He founded a theater company in Sciacca: “Theatrum Socialis Sciacca”, and a Lions Club, “Sciacca Terme”.

Finally, the Poet Francesco Favetta is convinced that Poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will set its life free, and furthermore that Beauty will always be a truth, which will never be buried:

  • from the times and events of daily human life!                     Francesco Favetta                                          Sicily (Sciacca )Italy 

                                                       Beyondthat dark veil

In the silence of the night

in the drops of tears

and then again

in the dawns that don’t arrive

they fall quickly

all the tears from your face

wetting your lips

of the acrid taste of life.

The moon is silent

this sly rest

in his piece of Heaven

and like a rose he rests

aiming from above

the day that is dawning

beyond that dark veil

beyond the horizon.


Every silence is Peace!

Like the sun

this heart burns

and every breath

it is a powerful wind

that always breaks out

in the trials of life

and in truth it is never extinguished.

How many times has it been

imposing desert

swept away by fury

of warrior love

remained standing

before the bitter songs

to daily indifferences.

Without words then

the infinite thirst has been quenched

and into the dark nights

every silence has become

really loved sleep

absolute rest

and Inner Peace.

 ###                                                                                                                                   Trees 

Even the trees

they have a soul

and they breathe

in the silence

and their leaves

they are breaths

leaning towards Heaven

the roots

instead they are

the firm bond with the land.

They sing silently


the eternal becoming

and then

with their eternal time

they drag without wind


in the streets

the steps forward

of daily life.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta                                                                                              

Anywhere andalways!

Make me the wind

and that every pain

on full moon nights

be the sails

in movement

on this trip

inside the ways of the world.

Everywhere and always

just do that

even the stones are

lives that remain

stuck in the ground

hard to eradicate.

And again

never silence

the inner voice

do anything to live

and sings out loud

every day with your words

the fires in the veins.

###.                                                                                                                                     Light !

Lead me

in the silence

my soul

enclose my heart

in your reasons


and then undress

of every breath

and love the eternal

that is in you

and never stay

light off.

###                                                                                                                           Lettertomy Father 

Dear Father

this is the time

that goes away


where there is no cold

in the silence

in the flesh and in thoughts

where love is poetry.

In my son’s heart

that beats while singing

your words are roots

indelible writings

those never putrid seeds

strong values ​​that shape life

inviolable truths

sprouts and dignity.

In your every breath

my life is always alive

in your hands

dirty with work and sweat

still sleeps the silent night

and it’s no different

your wind from mine

dad you are always in every step.

###                                                                                                                                       Little swallow


where are you coming from

and yet it was

just today

when I saw you

little swallow

and that look of yours

it was a hidden flower

given to my life

an intense hug

the greatest desire

the inner voice

of my soul.

Little swallow

tell me when

you will go away

from this refuge

leaving this earth

and in this your tireless

go and return

in the places dear to you

then you little swallow

you will take away

the infinite meaning

of the passage of time

and the routes of love.

###                                                                                                                                       Here !


in the deep blue

beyond the moon and the sun

on nights dressed in stars

breathe the immense sky

infinite space.


everything is different

every breath is love

and it is as precious as light

because everything embraces

it is eternally time.


love is boundless

universal secular groom

and it is enclosed in the heart

cradles innocent lives

it is eternal love.

                                                                     ###                                                                                                                                         We are the silent prows 

We are the looks

lost in the void

in fears we roll

we are the faces of pain

we scream inside every day

spreading hope

on our journey.

We are the silent prows

the people left out

our journey is different

around the heart

and everywhere we resist

singing hard-nosed

the profound meaning of life.

###                                                   Good morninglove !       

Good morning Life

good morning to you

in the silence of the night

where everything is different

where every verb is silent

and where time is naked

and is scattered within

the ways of the world.

Good morning to you

lovely bride

breath engraved in the heart

for your every breath

this life dies

on full moon nights

next to the roses in bloom

in our gardens of love.

Good morning again

star in love

beautiful destiny dressed in light

in this wind that blows

and that it drags with it

all the vigor and love

and every song loved

and the sleepless ardor in the blood.

###.                                                                                                                                       The song of love 

It is within time

the song of love

does not change

doesn’t give in

it is always on

in memories

in the moments

and in the eyes.

It’s like this everywhere

laughs in a grateful voice

the song of love is strong

it is a profound mystery

remained rock

he is blessed

divine feeling

and enchantment in the heart.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta