Francesco Favetta-Sorry humanity!   

The Poet Francesco Favetta was born in the land of Sicily in Sciacca, he has always loved poetry, writing verses, but above all culture, food for the soul: culture is Freedom, it is Free Spirit, it is Soul in Motion, not should never be harnessed!

Francesco Favetta

In 2018 he was awarded the Academician of Sicily by the Accademia di Sicilia.

He has been published in various anthologies and magazines, among which we mention a few:international magazine The Poet;Revista Azahar which edited the first anthology of poems in Spanish: Encantamiento y Palabras como Plumas;

Anthology The Silk Road Anthology: Nano Poems for Africa; “Poetic Galaxy Atunis”;

WorldSmith International Editorial; OPA The Poetry Journal; Innombrable magazine; Polis Magazine; rank of minister in the Order of the Titan and publication of a lyric in Octobermania;

international literary magazine Kavya Kishor in Bangladesh;international magazine of language, literature and culture “Petrushka Nastamba” Serbia; international magazine, Namaste India and certificate of appreciation;

Different Truths social journalism platform;

Cisne Revista Digital;Humanity magazine St. Petersburg; fourth Panorama International Literature Festival Spain, delegate for Italy.He founded a theater company in Sciacca: “Theatrum Socialis Sciacca”, and a Lions Club, “Sciacca Terme”.

Finally, the Poet Francesco Favetta is convinced that Poetry will be the weapon with which humanity will set its life free, and furthermore that Beauty will always be a truth, which will never be buried:from the times and events of daily human life! 

Francesco Favetta.                                  Sicily (Sciacca )Italy 

Sorry humanity !

Children killed

in the silence of the world

tortured women

grieving mothers

blood on the streets

a red river

that screams pain

dissolved in the earth

still wet with death

of innocence severed.

Sorry humanity

we are the victims


we are the souls


we are the burden

on consciences

unshed tears

rights denied

we are the stolen life.

©Copyright Francesco Favetta                                           

      Weare Palestinian children 

They are children

far away

they are invisible

they don’t weigh on the heart

but in silence they die

without awakening



or vomiting

retching and stomach ache.

They do not count


I am not meat

they are not blood

they are only Palestinians

nobody’s children

servants without a country

souls robbed of life

murdered hearts

they are cannon fodder.

 In the roots of the heart!

Far from life

away from everything

in the silence of the earth

in hidden places

to human eyes

where the time

is suspended

lives in the rock

in the roots of the heart

the voice always onof pure love.                                                                                                                          ###.                                                   

 Unworthy Criminal Man !

I saw you

was you

the heartless face

black soul

criminal man

slave of evil

cruel killer.

Endless abyss

you are a dark well

your smile is poison

your every speech

it’s a screamed lie

unworthy to be

you are a slothful beast.###.                                                              Son of freedom 

Another day

it’s not a dark night

maybe life will change

but we will never see

fall into doubt

the son of freedom.

He still reigns in the world

the wolf’s robe

and has human features

it’s the evil behind the wall

he is the man without a heartthe modern brute animale.                                                                it’s like the wind

Rooted in silence

the warrior’s heart beats

rushes like trains

they march in his blood

it’s a rock

because it doesn’t chip

his animal is fire.

In his eyes

burns eternally

the passion for life


with light footsteps

to destiny

it never meets.

It’s like the wind

fly up and forward

captures every moment

the pure breath of beauty

it goes higher and higher

it only goes down whenlove is present.