Good morning Zagreb- Borna Kekić

Borna Kekić

Zagreb is the most beautiful city

you stay young with him in your heart

in it is my dream

I live in it every day

That is my only Zagreb

my white beloved city

I live in it

I live his beauty

I sing in it because I’m happy

the only thing i know

my Zagreb is the most beautiful city

I have your work in my heart…


Borna Kekić

He was born in Zagreb, graduated from high school of economics. He started playing music as a boy in the Zagreb Children’s Choir. He started playing rap music in the 7th grade of elementary school and it remains with him to this day, and he has gone through various forms of playing this type of music. He writes his own texts, creates his own music, and in the high school of economics, in the field of marketing and entrepreneurship, he was encouraged to take up additional activities, so that, in addition to being in the studio, he is currently also recording videos. He got to know poets through music and that encouraged him to express his feelings in this way as well.