Hand in hand-Maid Corbic

Maid Corbic

My love for you always makes sense
Because I give you my words and feelings
I never got over your defeat
In the eyes when you mysteriously disappeared

I don’t know what happened now, but
My love for you still exists
Because I dream of your face every day
How it smiles at me joyfully

Maybe I’m not perfect like everyone else
But I feel that the love that was given to you
Maybe she should have been different
Because love is the strongest weapon I have

One day when I go there too
Where I should go, I will be aware
That having you was a joy because knowing
When I hugged you my world stopped
At least for one lap of honor

My fight for you will continue
Although you are no longer among the living, I feel
Yes, I will still be your best friend
My feeling will never change

A circle of honor for this love I will give you
Although you no longer see my touch and emotion
One day when the world and life stops
You will understand that I carry all my sin on my soul
And you be happy at my attempt
Approaches and joy when it doesn’t work out
The way it was supposed to go
In the real world

I live in the imaginary every day
My memory area is available to you
I draw strength and bear the burden of love
I give you this circle of honor for love

I never dreamed of a crash between us
Come! Come to your senses my dear
This is not the time to leave without a hug
Come back! You exist in my heart!

Many works have also been published in anthologies and magazines (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Salvador, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Croatia, Serbia, etc.) as well as printed copies of the anthology of poems “Sea in the palm of your hand”, ” Stories from Isolation “, and” Kosovo Peony “and others. Through his efforts and work, he has reached numerous acquaintances around the world, and in 2020 he was named Poet of the Year in the Indo-Universe Group, which also engages in charity around the world.

He has been writing for over thirteen years, and the beginning dates back to elementary school, when professors recognized the enthusiasm for the written trail, which was initially conducted through competitive competitions, and later with the development of technology outside their country in online format. This author is also even representative in order to represent his country in various international writing competitions, and soon his works will be translated into several languages ​​of the world (Chinese, Italian, French). He is also known for often supporting other authors around the world and is happy to advise on certain concerns with a smile on his face.

Winner of numerous awards, among them the association “KNS – Nova Svjetlost” in Sarajevo, during which he won a bronze charter for his work, which was evaluated by an international jury. Numerous revisions have been written about him, and he has also published many pages about both the world and the domestic scene. He is also the winner of the competition “Poets who touch love” with the Golden Triptych about his work, which had a character on the occasion of St. Trifundana. His works are an inspiration even to well-known people who really give great revisions and support.

Ambassador of cultural differences in Syria, and recently presented on the blog “New Story” as a young author who has won numerous awards and a person worthy of attention. In 2020, the winning country was Montenegro. He is currently on the jury of the Galaxia International Competition for Unpublished Poetry in Spain in 2021 as the only author in the Balkans to be an author, and was soon promoted as a global artist.

He is the winner of the BigBang competition that was organized in Tuzla in 2021. He is the winner of the Arts and Culture category by the Jury, but is also a translator in the Chateau Square group where he revises poetry and prose, as well as in Point Editions in Germany, which also translates written works. In ILA Magazine’s he is also a travel translator, as well as in the Association of Balkan Artists as a selector. He is a translator on the ITHACA site run by Germain Droogembrodth from Germany, and is also the author with the highest number of successes in his industry, poetry that has over ten thousand successes virtually, as well as several publications around the world that have been published.