I remember those days…My love!A poem by Jay Basu


A poem by Jay Basu


my love! my memories of you

have thinned

and lifted like

the mist of a winter morning

I strain and stretch my eyes

and see you melt

like vapour that’s

as cool as the cold laser

cutting deep into the heart

with no pain

at least no such pain

as I felt then

when you left me

all on a sudden

leaving me in

the lurch and a lone self

sick with the memories

of light and agile shadows

of our lives lived together

‘but it’s all too long ago now, my love’

but it was ‘all too long ago now, my love’

as far as I see you now, veiled and misty

in the dreaming days left back to me

when you were thin

and your skin was a pale yellow

and your eyes sank deep into your face

did you look so

in the last fading days together

that I do not remember

the last words you mumbled

were blown about by the wind

I remember those days… my love !

those days

‘we were brash and were brave’

we would trot up the uphill path

hand in warm hand,

l used to get hummed back words of love

like the ones to the other in a pair of doves

nesting in the summer bougainvillea

just about to shed flowers

and living as brash and brave as we were

in all the summers of the yesteryears

‘but it’s all too long ago now, my love