I wish I had strength-Fali Ndreka

Fali Ndreka

Topic: I wish I had strength


If I had the strength of a lion,

A mountain-rolling giant,

I would change the whole world,

Poor guy, I cried your troubles.

Oh this heart, how they are crying for me,

Oh, how much this heart hurts me,

To all people everywhere,

Which are scalding hot.

I want everyone to be close to you,

Like an eagle takes you on the wing,

Everywhere they are, on every side,

To be with them at any moment.

I comfort you and calm you down,

I bring you peace in your soul,

I surround you with all the best,

For the night I make it light.

Ah this peace, holy peace,

Like a flying dove,

Except for you, all troubles melt away,

Every person so much to do.

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