Jay Basu-Grasshopping Corkscrews And Flagtails






As the election bells toll

Bizarre doggy tales toss up

Among the humans

From round the corner

Of the West of the Ganges

As far as the grass flowers spread like weeds

Here is seen a class of people

Who walk like the beagles

Trotting on their brisk steps

With tails erect and upright

And the white tips of their flag tails

Flap and wag with fanfare, showing off

The undying glories of grass flowers

They seem to say, let’s love like the grass

That never dies unlike the lotus that shrivels

As the hornets swarm up and sup its nectar

And it drops sooner to the dust

As the election bells toll

The flagtails are let loose in lotus gardens

On a hectic rampaging spree

Beagles might have upright tails

Not all their canine friends have that

Those of their canine friends

Having had their coiled or corkscrew tails

Don’t straighten them, or can’t!

Deep into their folded tails

Are stuck the roots of grass flowers

Come cyclone, come cataclysm

Come cajole, come coersion

Come the conjoint order of the courts

High and Supreme,

The canine and coiled tails never erect

Nor ever uncoil

Nor do they unscrew

By default of their unique biogenetics

Useless and foolish must be the way

Of the world to hold them back

To give them either the tugs-to-straighten

Or the tugs-to-coil

And look, they spring back recoiling

Or they leap up straightened

Nothing can change them either

Men and women! Voters and notars

With curled and screwed tails

Or with straight beaglean tails

Make their hectic days ahead

After the election days are over

©® Jay Basu. 20 June 2024