Joy comes in the morning-Somdatta Mitra

Poetess Somdatta Mitra

Country : India

Theme : Joy comes in the morning


The fresh breeze whisked sensatising me ,

The nightingale adorned the effervescence with its melody.

The dew drops over the leaves amazed ,

The reflection of the sun imbued optimism .

The morning walk refreshes mind ,

Alarming voice of the crow is idiolized.

The beautiful Night Flowering Jasmine smells to hearts contentment ,

The rickshaw puller smiles with a divine grace.

The All India Radio enlivens the heart ,

With songs and drama that cannot set us apart.

The busy streets and the honks of the buses ,

The tempting samosas that truly mesmerises.

Bargaining in the vegetable market ,

Flowers that raise the glory of the holy temples.

The schools welcome the students and teachers ,

With a fresh mind the pedestrians travel to their destinations.

The boats on the Ganges receive their spirits ,

The priests bath for reading the holy scriptures and bequeath.

The city of joy receives it’s purity ,

As the joys from rustle and bustle impacts the productivity.

The milk man is reactive,

Over the complaints of the consumers who are counteractive.

The disciples chant the mantras ,

The bells seem to sanctify our hearts.