Love and poetry-Somdatta Mitra

Poetess Somdatta Mitra

Country : India 🇮🇳

Date : 06.03.2024.


When the fragrance of rose cheer up the moods,

While opening a book hidden in a page it seeks a touch.

The psyche of each rejoicer,

Divulge in a veriloquous soliloquy .

Hidden feelings sprout from the past reminiscences,

Recollecting the prime time in youth.

Love blossomed once in each manifold to sensitise ,

And the rose enjoined a romance for an emprise.

There those cherished moments ,

Enamoured the relationship to be embellished in ornaments .

In some poems preserved in a diary,

The lost touch perforates the soul with a kindle of amorousness.

Poetry thus always eternalize the time immemorial ,

Honking through its lines and stanzas so congenial .

Poetry empathise with the pains and the desires,

And uplift the veiled emphatic aspirations.

Words adorn the emotions and perceptivity ,

Expressions ornate the jargons to an effectuality.

Poetry idiolize lovers with a reverence ,

Each expression inspires readers for a story with substance.

In a cloak poetry always worships and ennobles love,

The chained agonies and the promulgations to sabotage .

Will be revered when poems unveil ,

The camouflage of the sacrosancts.

Love is a pure pragmatic envision ,

Poetry empowers love to accomplish the missions.

Lovebirds in an aberration unite in poetry ;

through the mighty pen and ink.

©®Somdatta Mitra 🇮🇳

©Copyright All Rights Reserved

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