Mirror-Somdatta Mitra



Refreshing fragrants cheered the morning vibes ,

As I strolled in my garden with a new enthusiasm and eclectic circumscribe.

The beautiful flowers enthused abundant spirits and enchantment,

Their colours seemed to instill a divine enhancement.

There I collected an antique mirror,

Which was buried inside the soil with a picture.

To my surprise I picked it up and cleansed the soil,

Hanged it in my room and stood near the wall in a turmoil.

I looked at the mirror and indulged in some conversations,

Analysing my worth I reiterated the confusions.

The mirror was perhaps 100 years old ,

It’s wooden carvings seemed to me to be precious from some royal mold.

The glass was cracked a bit as it was buried for so many years ,

I was admiring the artistic enigma.

In a deliberate chase my emotions triggered,

Recalling a fairy tale I enquired the mirror.

There was no reply as I continued to chase ,

Mirror! Mirror ! tell me the most efficient writer in the world today.

To my astonishment a certain upheaval took to a glide ,

As I realised a few mistakes I often repeat while interacting in my social sites.

I ran into the next room and opened the social media ,

In a haste recorded a video to post it in a page like an encyclopedia.

Next , I again stood near the mantle and wide it to gleam,

I triggered my emotions like the step mother of Snow White ,

Again the voice echoed MIRROR! MIRROR! who is the best orator of all times.

I could find no added charm as it is not a fairy tale to alarm,

Although it was an inner glorification ,

As all the emotional turmoil lead to a positive outlook;

Soon I realised my weaknesses in a transition.

It was certainly the mirror of my soul which reciprocated all the truths ,

That as a good human I must parade,

Towards the righteous goals.

To heal the pains of those ,

Who need me beside them in their woes.