Nasir Aijaz-My Faith-Prepared Angela Kosta


Nasir Aijaz, based in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province of Pakistan, is a journalist and researcher having spent over 48 years in the field of journalism. He won Gold Medal and another award for best reporting in 1988 and 1989. He has worked in key positions for newspapers and news agencies. He also worked as a TV Anchor for over a decade and conducted some 400 programs. He is the author of ten books on history, language, literature, travelogue and biography. One of his books ‘Hur – The Freedom Fighter’, a research work on war against the British colonial forces, also won a prize. Further, he translated a poetry book of Egyptian poet Ashraf Aboul Yazid, into Sindhi language, which was published in Egypt. Besides, he has written around 500 articles in English, Urdu and Sindhi, the native language of Sindh. He is editor of Sindh Courier, an online magazine and represents The AsiaN, an online news service of South Korea. His articles have also been translated in Arabic and Korean languages. Sometimes he writes poems in his native language. Very recently, some of his poems have been translated in English, Albanian and Italian languages and published in Italy, Albania, Bangladesh and some other countries. He also received a commendation certificate for his poetry contribution from International Literature Language Journal. Nasir Aijaz is one of the founding members of Korea-based Asia Journalists Association AJA. He has visited some ten Asian countries and attended international seminars.


I’m not a Viking 

Nor I believe in Valhalla 

Love, peace and tranquility 

Is my faith 

Far from taking any revenge. 

I have discarded the swords, axes, and spears 

The arms of Viking warriors 

And all other weapons of destruction

Being the disciple of Mystic sages

I pray the world becomes prosperous. 

I’m a Sufi

I’m a Buddhist

I’m a Confucian

I’m a Muslim

I’m a Hindu

I’m a Christian

I follow the teachings of sages

Not to harm others.

I never invade any country 

Nor subjugate the nations 

But whenever invaders

Think of occupying my homeland

I take up the arms 

And defend my motherland. 

The wars against the invaders

The wars against the subjugation

The wars of freedom 

Continue since the ages

And will continue 

Till the invasion, subjugation 

And the exploitation comes to an end.

(Poet’s note: Viking refers to Scandinavians of 8th to 11th century. Axe and sword were their main weapons, while Valhalla, as per their belief, was the heaven where they were destined to enter after being killed during a fight) 

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator