O, the quantum frenzy!-Jay Basu

Atoms are within me or I am within the atoms!

Inside the atoms within me there is the space

For each atom of mine to expand tothe size of

A Roman amphitheatre; and the spin of its

Electron raises a haze to be looming over

And filling in all the empty seats

Of that very grand theatre

Its nucleus is a tiny fly

Spinning the yard

of this theatre!

I wonder if I am an expanded atom

Its source being within me.

I feel myself then deified

Once more; my God is

Within me!

My question of questions is, my dear Horatio!

Where is the essence of emptiness then?

Up in the heaven, down in the hell?

I look to both the heaven and the hell

And marvel that the emptiest

And the darkest realms of

The universes all

Are filled to

Their brim

By what you may call quantum frenzy, it’s all!

Am I but made of atoms spilling from there?

For now I look to the sky.

Oh! It’s empty like a poor man’s cupboard.

Or azure like the tail of a roseringed parakeet.

Or cloud clad and black like coals.

I feel I too am the sky

Empty and black within

Yet I am full to the brim

With my God within!


®© Jay Basu. First composed 2 Mar 2021 (repost 14 March 2024)


“Code Name God” by Mani Bhaumik

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