Omaggio di Maria Teresa Liuzzo ( Direttore LE MUSE – RIVISTA DI CULTURA INTERNAZIONALE -ITALY ) al poeta dr. Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Bionote of Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah [From Prodigy Publication Desk, USA] SHIKDAR MOHAMMED KIBRIAH, born on 1st July, 1968, in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Masters in philosophy, is a globally published, awarded, translated and featured world renowned poet, essayist, story writer, critic, translator, ambassador and philosopher. He is a bilingual poet and writer writing in Bangla and English. He is a global poetry promoter and literary figure. He is the founder and president of Poetry and Literature World Vision, the biggest Administrative literary group of the world, Editorial Advisor, Prodigy Magazine, USA, Distinguished scholar of International Academy of Ethics, India, Advisor of Prodigy Life Academy, USA, Member of International Literary Association (ILA), Germany etc. His published books are so far 19. Among them eight on poetry, eight on prose and three on story. His last published book is ‘Philosophic Discourse of Poetry and Art’ published by Prodigy Publish, USA on Amazon. He is the editor of the encyclopedic global anthology World Contemporary Poets Vol. 1, 2++, national anthology ‘English Poets Bangladesh’ and regional anthology ‘Bengali English Poets’. His writings have been translated and published in 40 languages. He has been featured as a Global Poet many times. He participated in world poetry conferences, fairs, festivals, recitals and literary conclaves. He performed as a jury, discussant and speaker globally. He is an ambassador of world peace, love and humanity appointed by different literary, cultural and poetic forums active globally. His writings are often published in world famous print and electronic magazines, journals, newspapers, websites, blogs, anthologies, tv, radio and channels. His literary, poetic and philosophic works are published in AZAHAR Revista Poetica, Spain, Atunis Poetry Galaxy, Belgium, The Poet Magazine, UK, Prodigy Magazine, USA, Polis Magazine, Greece, Kultura, Serbia, Growth, South Macedonia, Taifas Literary Magazine, Italy, Poetryzine Magazine, Serbia, Nekajano, Montenegro, Bharat Vision, India, Homo-Uninersalis.blogspot, Greece, Petruska Nastamba, Serbia and so on. He is published in THE AsiaN/Arab, Egypt, The Moment International News, Egypt, Kenya Times, Kenya, Al-Arabi, Egypt, Agarid, Lebanon, Chinese Literature, Sahu News, Today’s Headlines, YidianZixun, Shanxii science and technology, China, Fm786 News Portal, USA, Panama Poetico, Panama, Wordsmith International Editorial, Italy, The Rainbow, Lebanon, Sigio, Spain, Las Americas, Dominican Republic, Voz de goicoechia, Costa Rica, El sol de Colombia, Taghridat Nakhla, Lebanon etc.. international newspapers and almost all of the national and local newspapers in his country Bangladesh since 1987. His poems have been published in world class Anthologies like Atunis Galaxy Anthology-2022, Belgium, Candles of Hope, an encyclopedia of thousands of poets of the world, Tunisia, World Poets Serbia Anthology/2021(350 poets of the world), Compassion (100 poets of the world in one theme), Bosnia-USA, World Poetry Yearbook 2021 and 2022 (Chinese-English), China, AZAHAR Revista Poetica, Spain, World Contemporary Poets, Vol. 1. National Anthology of Uzbekistan, A Handbook of Contemporary Ethics and numerous anthologies around the world. He participated in world poetry festivals, recitals and conferences in India, Turkey-Russia, Italy, Peru, China, Mexico, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Tunisia, Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia, Panama, Uruguay, Pakistan etc.. He is interviewed on 21st Century Critical Thought: A post modern Voice Volume-3 with Mr. Dr. Jernail Sing Anand, India, in Writers Mirror, Assam, India on poetry with Mr. Bipul Chandra Kalita, In Kultura newspaper with Madam Valentina Novkovich, Serbia on poetry, philosophy and contemporary world crisis, in Prodigy Magazine with Mr. Zlatan Demirovic, USA on poetry and philosophy, in Polispress Magazine online journal, Greece with Madam Eva Petropoulou Lianou on poetry, in Argentina poetry festival with Madam Mirta Maria Ramirez, Argentina and Bangladesh Television. Besides English and Bangla his poems have been translated into Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Serbian, Romanian, Arabian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Hindi, Indonesian, Polish, Dutch, African, Vietnamese, Greek, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Irani Persian, Azerbaijani etc. 40 over languages. For his brilliant contribution in world poetry and literature he is awarded lots as a Global Poet, Diamond Writer of the world, Literary Laurel, UNIVERSAL GOLD STAR 2020 , Universal Excellence, Poetic Excellence, The most influential personalities of the world, Golden Heart, Best personality of the world, Poet for Peace, three times honorary Doctorate Degrees and a lot of world prestigious diplomas and certifications. Mail: Facebook ID and link: Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Published by Zlatan Demirovic,
Prodigy Published, USA


Shikdar Mohammed Kibriah

Northern Window

Ordinary words in the soul of gently vibrating prose
Build a poetic hut with the green fire of subjectivity,
If progressive city looks back to a Harappa’s moon
I will sure unbar my window for the northern reality.

Full of my perplexed yard with western grasses
No access to naming in my sensible dictionary,
Find only symbolic moon in the dark night pine
That has not any light for aesthetic missionary.

Cleared a watermark in that full scape portrait
Appeared a shadow or sound somehow albeit.

Bearing a wordy asceticism in that project
Of symbolic drama, while true senses find
Insightfully visible a real lively melodrama.

I explore a progressive opera in the
Upcoming Postmodern age, as
Myth tells a tale alike a lady
Of betel faced in the
Moon barrage.