Poem by Kim Do Yeon


Poet Ms. Kim Do Yeon was born in Yeongi, Chungcheongnam – do, South Korea. She received the Rookie Award in the literary magazine “SISASA” in 2012. She is active in various literary magazines, publishing her poems. She has published a poetry collection titled “I Copied My Mom”. She is also a member of the Leodo Literature Association.


In the hands that missed the last train

I wish I had wheels and not a ticket.

The next bus is tomorrow

The hope bus is tomorrow

Cherry tree petals, whose tomorrow

cannot be predicted, are rushing in.

I sit in a dark chair and count flower petals.

Three petals, nine petals, fifteen petals,

thirty-two petals

If I wait for tomorrow, will it be fruitful?

If the bus disappears forever today

On the bus tomorrow

What can I load?

The old moon.

A distorted old moon.

The old moon with no tomorrow.

But the old moon does not cry.

Just a little bit, far away tomorrow

Just as the lonely old moon, growing old alone, never gives up hope

I wish buses had life too.

The next bus is tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day when hope goes to meet the sun.

Resume due today

A day waiting for tomorrow’s bus.

Hope for the bus tomorrow.

Dark cats wandering around without any


Dark cats who don’t believe in tomorrow.

By the way, where is your country?

I will give you this ticket.

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator