Poem by Muhammad Ishaq Abbasi (Pakistan)

Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Abbasi is an eminent poet and Master trainer.He has a deep love for Nature. It is his hobby to help someone in difficult times. It is his Nature to support the weak against the strong. Humility is the food of his soul.

He was born on Monday, November 16, 1975, in Dhok Morian, a lush village Khuian Tehsil Kahuta District Rawalpindi Pakistan. He is the fourth of five siblings. 

When he was three years old,his mother fell into a ravine and was hospitalized for six months before dying.

The journey from childhood to adolescence was spent without the wings of a mother, which is difficult to describe in words.

Without mother’s love, colorfulness of childhood faded and the newborn’s face was the abode of mother’s kisses.

And on the cheeks where mother’s affection was dancing

There, drops of tears falling from the shores of the eyes formed spots

 Father who was a military officials. He left no stone unturned.

 Grandmother who was 80 years old. Due to physical and visual impairment, She used to cooked wheat bread on the inverted iron round vessel which was black but had to be eaten under compulsion.

 At that time, all the houses in the village were made of mud and stones. When it rained, the houses would start dripping and he would sometimes move his bed to one side and sometimes to the other.

 He got his early education from Government High School, Salamber.

There was a school bag of woolen cloths, plastic sleepers and plain cloth to wear.

The two brothers used to pick up his school bag when they went to and from school and help him in educational matters. Because of them, he is standing at this place today.

On Sunday,they would all go to the fountain to wash their clothes.

Passed matriculation examination from Government High School Narar

Passed D.com exam from Government Commercial College, Kahuta.

He passed BA and MA examinations from University of The Punjab as regular candidate. Later he passed B.Ed from Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad and M.Ed from Sargodha University.

Honorary doctorate in English literature from International Academy of Culture and Literature

He started writing poetry in 2007. He wrote mostly poems on nature. He participated in international literary poetry competitions and won more than 150 international awards.

At the national level, he also wrote poems for children who have been awarded certificates of appreciation by the National Book Foundation.He also raise his voice through pen for peace in the world.

The following is a list of the international organizations he is part of

Oxygen Pen.Genesis World writers Community.

Iqra Foundation. Literary Creations .World literary forum for peace and Human Rights.Pen wonder International.The Dream Of Equality Pakistan.Literature Archive Bangladesh.The passion Of Poetry.Poetry for Humanity & Nature.World peace of poets.World Of Poets. Peace and Love Inkers Society.The International Poetry.Taifas Literary Magazine. Poetry and literature world vision.DEMO GOG. Words: A Renaissance.The Poetry center.Realms of poems. Poems and stories.

ILA Magazine.Motivational strips.World kids book poetic.United Poets and heart.Flladi poetic.Sparking Quil.world spiritual love and peace Humanity literary Foundation.The Temple of impeccable writers.The Dream Of Equality Nigeria.Elite Arab Creative Union.

Ever Child lifeline Foundation.

His poems have been published in various anthologies and Newspaper of the world, for example.Women the society backbone. The Poetic Soul.Peace and Love Inkers Around the World.Midnight in the Garden of Peace.The Mask,You,Mari maa,Alone,Chucerberrirs Garden,A Bouquet of Triple colours.Awskener of hidden potential, Amazing Gardener,The Global Nation World Record book Hyperpoem.


The spring is here, look around, 

Flowers are blooming on the ground.

Beauty is dancing everywhere, 

Birds are flying here and there. 

The severe coldness has gone away,

The soft breeze comes again today. 

Children run out with cries of delight,

The beauty of Nature is a fair sight. 

As it is a pleasant weather, 

Children want to play together.


Colorful flowers were blooming,

 In a circle along the river.

Inside the circle of flowers,

Different birds formed a circle.

Inside, the peacock was dancing. 

When he spread his tail, 

It looked like a fan.

His sarcastic style was overwhelming.

His face was as red as a rose petal with pride.

He could see nothing but himself.

After a while, she stopped dancing.

The beauty of the river flow, 

The beauty of the flowers, 

The different colors of the birds,

and the beauty of the trees also faded before the peacock’s dance and beauty.

Everyone was praising the beauty of the peacock.

But what about the beauty of the maker of this beauty?


There was a time when I was the center of attention of the whole family.

Because I was supporting everyone.

I used to prefer spending on my wife and children instead of spending on myself.

Then gradually I grew old and the nerves weakened.

I felt as if I had become a burden on my family.

I started to feel alone.

Life became dull and there was no one to chat with me.

Suddenly I reached the river bank with my wobbly legs.

Where Nature was spreading its colors. 

I sat in the sand on the beach.

Butterflies surrounded me as if they were welcoming me.

Melodious sound of the cuckoo reminded me of my youth.

Antics of the monkeys quickened my blood circulation.

I started swaying after seeing the smoothness of the waves of the river.

Flocks of birds were circling across the river.

Dewdrops kissing the cheeks of the flowers felt like my mother used to kiss my cheeks as a child.

White herons forgot their whiteness,

When they saw my white hair.

The white clouds were smiling at my white hair,

Like they were my lovers.

And peacock performed a dance that reminded me of my childhood.

And I started carving in the sand.

I was shedding tears of joy.

Nature sided with me.

The unfamiliar life became familiar to me.


Come spring come, run friend run, 

Stop spring stop, papa mama talk, 

The air is gentle, the sun is mental, 

Birds are chirping, people are thinking, 

I am dancing, friend is talking, 

Insects are creeping, animals are grazing, 

The grass is growing, the stream is flowing, 

Come spring come, run friend run. 

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator