Poem by Nijara Barman Deka-Prepared Angela Kosta 

Prepared Angela Kosta 


Nijara Barman Deka was born in 1976 on 11 Octobor. Educational qualification: B.A (Onarch in Education) DELED, TET qualified.

Six book of mine published.

Three poems book. Name’s are: – Suvadinar patani, Savyatar saujiya pather, Akhon nedekha Nadir sipare.

Three Galpa sankalon . Name’s are: – Saratar nirab sandhiya, Sunyater prati chyabi and Akashar simanat hepahbore khopani pote. And prepare a noble name is Pratistruti Ake Prem Kahani, and write many prabandh. (Essay)


Who is he just tired playing with poverty

Lost his perents from childhood.

He wants to goes Beauty 

But not fullfill of his dream

He tired fighting with sadness

But love him more, for his high ambition.

He has a softly lightness face

Where thought serenely sweet express 

That is why everybody loves him.

When he see his friend

Parents lovely patted there head

A sadness smile express his mouth

Then he got very tired.

Just a minute he turned his mind

And prepare the struggle

for existence by smiling

The smile That win, the tints that glow

Now he is not tired

He wants to be happy always 

And tough fighting with poverty.

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator