Poem By Tamali Neogi-Prepared Angela Kosta



From a distance I see her today,

A joyful, loving, pure being,

as impassioned as a river in Monsoon.

Besides the intense grief,

what quietens the young damsel among friends?

My mind

like a frivolous, fun-loving woman

through forty summers,

stops for a second look at the mirror,

to see me a bit differently.

Like a big tree is uprooted suddenly

initial restlessness sets in

 same happens to the small guests,

sheltered for long.

The unanticipated departure of a father figure,

mirrors up strangeness of life

as the mind goes into spin

over the rigmarole of life

to sit hushed and introspect.

Myriad questions, myriad reactions

couched in multihued robes

impress and digress

as my mind reverts and asks

who am I?

I am Mississippi, I am Nile,

I am Ganga the woman, Tigris-Euphrates,

Born and reborn in different ages,

to flow and flow as ever.

Unfazed by the tides of human history

I am eternity;

on my forehead concentrate

the myths and the archetypes,

undying, unperishable flavour of truth,

I am Tess, I am Ruth.

Sadness and happiness

Siamese twins

But I am just one thing,

unending experience.

Prepared Angela Kosta Academic, journalist, writer, poet, essayist, literary critic, editor, translator