Poetess Somdatta Mitra-Ade Vine

Pollinated by bats 
Entwining with the host trunk and branches.
Jade vine is an endemic to tropical forests ,
In Phillipines for amidst the nature ‘s creation.
Noted in Western Literature by Asa Gray,
Identified in the jungles of Mt. Maikiling , Luzon Island, Phillipines in an array.

How beatitude astonish the admirers !
Where it seems a paradise has been embellished with flowers.
A sepulchral would seem like a palace ,
Where these magnificent flowers astonish.

Sleepless nights envelope with a cheer ,
A divine stunner engulf in an oblivion .
The fascinated moments to cherish the blossoming,
Endangered in the wild.
Loud cheer enthrall nature ‘s wonderment,
Over the edible mystic flowers in an amazement .

©®Somdatta Mitra