Poetess Somdatta Mitra-Backstabbing a friend

Country : India


Backstabbing a friend is a haunted reminder,

Of broken trust and shattered dreams.

Where the past love and honest embrace,

Are trampled under egoism or criticism.

Darkness herald and repugnance roots in the mind,

Is it illiteracy , ignorance or lack of upbringing that connived?

Illtreatment and malpractice like this are contagious ,

Infecting the society with ferocity as egregious.

It’s time to vociferate the injustices ,

It’s time to rip the masqueraders.

A self courage that alone we must walk ,

If there are no real friends to trust.

An ethereal bliss is packaged ,

When we realise our inner voice to rebel.

To boycott those who never united to value our worth ,

To determine a goal;

That we would live happily,

With those who really need us in life.