Poetess Somdatta Mitra-I reminiscence my father

Country : India


In the deluge of emotions where I stand speechless ,

Expressions are numb and voiceless.

A heaven that my father gifted me ,

Today it’s an empty vaccum of sponzes that attract my tears.

Living in a paradise of laughters and cheerfulness ,

My father stood like a pyramid ;

To guard and protect me in thoughtfulness.

Such attachments are painted with beautiful colours ,

Such holy moments are captured in my own kaliedoscope.

Living with him was a sensational journey ,

Each day was a beatitude with surprises and comforts.

His lap would be my paradise to relax,

His presence was a boon to treasure.

His moral lessons and righteousness are an emblem ,

Of our family’s pride and dignity.

Always blessed to be among friends and relatives ,

I inherited this distinctive quality from him in abundance.

Compassionate , caring , sensitive and sentimental ,

His innocence was like a sweet fragrance ;

Of a night flowering Jasmine.

Daring to catch thieves in an adventure ,

Indulging in chats for several hours.

Encouraging cultural programs in our Bengali community ,

Noida diaries remind me of those glorious days explicitly.

Kind consideration over issues related to humanity ,

Donating money to the needy in a secret conformity.

His simplicity was a major strength in uplifting him ,

As a great spirit to live and shine in several hearts till today.

With his early demise ,

I was shattered and shocked to a seclusion over depressions.

How I battled and survived !

How I metamorphosed from a daughter to a wife!

Is a fairy tale perhaps !

As the chariot where I have rested his soul ,

Still receives an admiration and seeks his love and blessings.

©®Somdatta Mitra