Poetess Somdatta Mitra-Let me colour humanity

Country : India


Succinct emotions that are unspoken ,

The camaraderie among friends and aquainstances are a betoken.

Of love , of affection , of concern and care.

Scarlet defines it’s aesthetic beauty.

Often as a pedestrian we witness beggars ,

Offering them alms and donating money as a benevolent transgresser.

That golden heart paints our soul with golden vibes,

The sky is the limit and strokes of white and blue enhance an ebulliance.

I see saffron in the extending hands for help ,

Which is symbolic of sacrifice , light and salvation.

As caregivers our mothers receive abundant love ,

Green focuses on their nurturing family.

Yellow embellishes their attires for happiness , warmth and optimism,

Pink captures their compassionate and selfless sacrifice.

As I climb a ladder of exploring humanity ,

I use my brush to colour the rainbow .

From Red , blue , yellow , green , violet , orange and indigo.

The power in the kindness , empathy and sacrifices ,

Colour humanity into dignified colours with love , friendship and compassion.

Red representing vision and respect ,

Black representing knowledge and feelings.

I blend yellow with white for a strong relationship.

Humanity is the pyramid of all human sustenance ,

Let these colours embellish ;

The feelings and emotions to recreate a rainbow that beautify humanity.

©®Somdatta Mitra