Poetess Somdatta Mitra-Prejudice is a learned trait

Trespassing peripheries of prejudice and vanity ,
Boorish blase of disheveled demeanours of insanity.
Incorporating vices to align intrigues,
Pernicious intents to vex the innocence by the flagrants.

Prejudice exhorts an individual to extirpate a personality ,
Vanity cohorts with an arrogance and mendacity.
Is deprivation or tenacity to be wobbly refutes?
Perhaps it rots the actual soul enabling to dispute.

Tornadoes of jealousy lead to a hubris of smugness,
Incapable to mirror one’s own morality and adroitness.
Lack of honesty enkindle supremacy,
As masqueraders often they banter in an extremity.
To love life as a treasure trove ,
Embrace humanity devoid of discriminations and behove.