Poetess Somdatta Mitra-Uproar in victims of tribalism

Poetess Somdatta Mitra

Country : India 🇮🇳


Out of a fountain of love civilization evolved humans as liberal souls,

The search for survival augmented to ethnic groups.

With the advent of communities tribalism perspired ,

Where hearts entwined to gather for social bonding in high spirits.

Commitment and adherence to accept traits ,

Enjoined a pinnacle for cultural unity.

To counter the aggravation in ferocity ,

Over victimisation individually or in groups in a community.

Individual rights , status , and independence afflicted ,

Colonialism impacted in a tumultuous conflict.

Uneven distribution of resources engendered resentment,

Unhealthy tribalism perforated the growths.

Seeking to protect and advance interests ,

In a political system .

Language , culture , race , religion catapulted to war.

Economic growth hindered,

For political instability , poverty and lack of amiability.

Strong sense of community , cultural traditions and values ,

Transcended to corruption , favouritism and nepotism .

A loyalty that united the groups ,

Results today in a crisis and powerful warfare in scoops.

Livelihood endangered ,

Scattered souls haughty harbingers .

Commiseration cohort with felon instincts ,

Leaving scars and segregating divine vagrants.

Honking social vendetta in a camouflage ,

Today the victims crave for a peaceful society in an authenticity.

Advocating peace missions and allegory.

©®Somdatta Mitra

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