Poetess:Somdatta Mitra-Hope


With a clangor our mind surges into a hope ,

That life is a connivance and cogent to beautitude.

To rely on an optimism,

That success depends on perseverance.

That hard work and determination in a camerederie,

Will reap a bright and prosperous future.

Hope illuminates our spontaneity and enlivens our spirits,

A chauvinist dissimulates a cognizance in a dauntless coy.

Often a caprice can be dissipated with a new hope ,

An ardent desire to solve a conundrum;

With cogitation in a truculence. Often a tessellated vase can break in a sudden impulse ,

Only hope is uninhibited and instills in us;

A strong determination with an aphonic blithe.


Country : India

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