Poetess:Somdatta Mitra-The eternal nostalgia of park street.

Country : India


Paragon of contentment ,

Gratification enhanced ecstasy.

Illuminated , adorned , incandescent lights sparked in the streets ,

Fanatic souls emblazoned with an euphoria ,

Festivity unfolds nostalgia and hortatory emotions to divinity.

Loud cheer of the throngs evokes sensation ,

Honking of cars and magnanimous expressions welcome in the restaurants.

The kickshaws astonish as the enthusiasts kenspeckle,

Enlivening moments to treasure.

Life resurfaces beatitude ,

Unbolting the eternal passion for Park Street in Kolkata.

A historic thoroughfare in the downtown of the city,

Intensify the dreams and fantasies .

Wearing the exquisite and classy charm ,

The dining street that never sleeps augments a remarkable passion.

©®Somdatta Mitra

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