Remembering william wordsworth in Paris-Somdatta Mitra

Country : India


The excitement over the trip to Europe ,

Intensified when I relaxed in the plane.

With profound ecstasy I dived into an oblivion ,

As my visit to PARIS was a dream I cherished ;

Over the years since my childhood .

A fascinating sight in the Disneyland,

Affluenced several fanatics and aristocratic souls.

My zealousness took me to the world of poetry,

Remembering William Wordsworths poems in a rosary .

“The Solitary Reaper “and ” I wandered lonely as a Cloud prodded a semblance,

That life is beautiful ,

To realise the haggle and harmony.

With a divine touch over the beautiful , fragrant flowers ,

The garden seemed to coronet the environment with a power.

Eiffel Tower was an astonishment ,

Moulin Rouge reminded me of the water ballet dance drama of Shakuntala in India.

Cheerful enigma again divulged in my fascination ,

Ah! I must rendezvous the prolific poet in this foreign land.

To vociferate my craziness in an open theatre ,

I fantasised over a performance of recitation.

How I could cherish the roses and peonies !

While my mind was engrossed ;

in sketching the beatitude of poetry.

©®Somdatta Mitra