Robots vs HUMAN DIGNITY(poetry lacks soul)Tyrani Prizren Spahiu

I easily entered the poetry building
rusted iron caught my attention
being placed broken anchor on the book of literature
what is happening in our castle!?

Drawers overflowing with witty notes and poems
artificial intelligence has poked its nose in
robotics break down the last quality frontier
a value of the common man is lost.

Penultimate wave of wisdom arrived
literature, ministry of health and normality collapse
logic of consciousness surrenders to aggressive attacks
author’s creativity is ultimately defeated….
Bitter tasting impressions
IRON ROBOTICS keeps on going to the poor parties
human dignity surrenders to lethargy
feelings are usurped by injustices.
I have neither time nor patience to put up with robots
creatures seeking to make feeling less history
I’m looking forward to getting out of the reality
impatient to go back to dream the beautiful daily duties.

Tyrani Prizren Spahiu
all rights reserved
Poetry volume