Ronnie Tucker&Somdatta Mitra

The Roots Of All Goodness Lies In Appreciation

Some times we have to look inside ourselves

To find that special place

That will open ourselves

To the inner workings that make us who we are

Life is just a wheel in a circle.


Understanding the emotions and respecting the qualities ,

As we encourage others through a warm appreciation.

We kindle our own goodness and share a bond,

Which always magnifies how beautiful we are from inside.


As the emotions peel back a view to our feelings

We touch those around us

With open hearts and open minds

We are like grapes on the vine

Sometimes we are soured.


Excellence is an attitude and that we must explore ,

People will forget what we said …

People will forget what we did …

But people will never forget how we made them feel,

Transversing the expressions with pleasant behaviour .


To really touch those around us,

with our footprints

We must find the complexity of ,

who we are why we feel pain ,

when we hurt those around us

Yet the wheel of life revolves on its circle

As we move in the flesh of emotion.


Bolting our acknowledgements and appraisals over confidence ,

Reflects our own insecurities and weaknesses.

Incarcerating our righteousness and positivity ,

We cannot be achievers of sterling qualities in a causability.


We conquer our ghosts that are reflections of our inner being

And yearn for the spiritual gift we have obtained from our creator

As we are moulded from his creation

In this spark called humanity

Thus life’s wheels continues to evolve.


We must eschew from the despondency and hostility ,

And open our eyes ,

To an irrefutable divineness for a sensibility.

Life is a journey for understanding others ,

And hence being affectionate to all to spread a cordial relation.

What is left in this world after death ,

Is only the memories of our love that we gift to others.


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