Sacrifices of the whores-Poetess Somdatta Mitra

Country : India


In a retrospect as I learn the facts ,

History unleashes several emotions and impacts.

All those freedom fighters ,

Slain their lives for the nation.

All those widows , children and elders ,

Who never hid themselves behind the curtains.

Lost lives or were tortured for their devotion ,

A prime dream to free our nation.

Exploring the lives of whores ,

Whose sacrifices are perhaps not discussed or written as songs.

Whose supererogation in patriotic cheer remained unheard ,

Whose love for our nation was unexpressed.

Their social stature were never respected ,

Wonder how many considered their contributions as unselfish !

Behind the curtains their chandeliers illuminated the nights ,

They cradled the freedom movement with their might.

With much enthusiasm and determination ,

Their perseverance were no less than any reputed , distinguished professionals.

Their goal was to breathe in a free nation ,

Their dream was to live in dignity with no submissions.

Horrendous situations tried to break their determination,

Undaunted courage enhanced their spirit to fight for an emancipation .

Life was never easy to prove their sacrifices as worth ,

The society then was not so compassionate ;

To acknowledge their fate and admire their worth.

Their lives were curtained inside the famed red light areas ,

The Diamond Bazaar in Lahore is a ripe example ;

Of the drastic impact of the colonial rule that honked the whores.

©®Somdatta Mitra 🇮🇳