Second Poetry Collaboration-Between Matt Elmore – U.S.A. & Somdatta Mitra- India 

Between Matt Elmore – U.S.A. & Somdatta Mitra- India 

Always looking down,
yet really looking up.
In a world upside down,
Drink from fragrant cups
sprouts presented pleasant.
Born of peasant soil
delight ,
with your presence
crowns endowed imperial.
©®Matt Elmore

Ascertain the euphoria in the state of Nirvana ,
The sight of the ornamental fragrance rejuvinates.
Like a vagrant cherish the charm of the spring ,
Where the crown Imperial reigns.
Yokel zeal tantalize and gape to nestle ,
In an amazement the imperial continue to attract in a meddle.
©®Somdatta Mitra

Resisting gravities
Persistent in beauty
Offering assurances
Sprouting gratuity
Appeasing in seasons
Caught in reasons sight
Beyond a grieving shower
Or tears to nourish flowers.
©®Matt Elmore

Couth entity bestow genial glimpses,
A thick stem bearing a crown like a sphinx.
A majestic flower unusual and unique ,
With ten buds ranging from scarlet yellow to orange and red.
As a bold decorative statement by plant lovers ,
Crown Imperial are pendant bell shaped flowers .
©®Somdatta Mitra

Rest veins drunk with pleasure
Devoid of artificial makeup
Flirtatious sensitivity raging
Strong beyond measure
Extending exotic eccentricities
Delicate extension ethereal
Drawing attention.inside eyes
Ruby jeweled crown imperial.
©®Matt Elmore

As a symbol of wealth and royalty ,
We witness the uniqueness .
Like a king ‘s loyalty to his subjects,
The vestige nobleness seems to gratify.
A sensational blossom obeisance nature’s true creation,
Uplifting innumerable desires to embosom.
©®Somdatta Mitra