Somdatta Mitra-All the world’s a stage

Somdatta Mitra

Country : India


In a sombre countenance my emotions float,

Life is a journey where feelings galore.

Jealousy , might , vengeance and wickedness intrude ,

The pious mind where peace , friendship , tolerance and affinity are groomed.

Wallowing into the spiritual bliss ,

Where people ingratiate and indulge in wicked tricks.

Depravity and greed seems to choke the natural blooming ,

Of minds that want to drench in the Cupid’s arrow of sensation.

In this camouflage the insatiate scream ,

Of the temptations for materialistic gains and treasures to suffix.

From childhood to adulthood the struggle is persistent ,

Every phase in life nurtures knowledge and understanding.

To metamorphose from a puberty ,

The strong mindset generates confidence and courage in a divinity.

In such actions of happiness and melancholy ,

The world is threaded in this emotional turmoils and sustainability.

The gallantary awards are uplifted ,

To lift the spirits of the deserved who saved our lives.

In each phase in life we as puppets dance over the strings ,

Our characters are perhaps created by the Almighty to realise a realm.

To incorporate more power through knowledge ,

To enact the roles that determine our future enhancement.

©®Somdatta Mitra