Somdatta Mitra-An aspirant mother

Somdatta Mitra



From time immemorial the segregation ,

That a son will live in a hostel for his higher education.

Has always permeated pain and restlessness ,

In the mother who cradled her child.

She fondled , cared , cuddled and scolded and even have shed tears ,

Bringing up her son in immense pride and sensitivity.

Her happiness for the progression of her son ,

Encountered the innate pain of this departure.

How terrible it is for a mother to live without him !

To whom she brought up with a divine dignity ?

She mentored him and taught several lessons ,

In the early stages of his school going days.

She nurtured him with concentration and care ,

She ignited several aspirations to instil his desires with a flare.

Her hope and deep conviction battled ,

With the endless struggles and bold teasers or prattles.

She didn’t bother nor did she stop working on her dreams .

That one day her son will be addressing students in the University of Berlin.

Her son was a strong linguist from his early childhood ,

The mother aspired that her son will be a bold and dominant professor to behold.

One day he will be the most admired teacher in Berlin ,

Whose speeches will encompass the world with liberty.