Somdatta Mitra-Balloons find congenial means to fantasy




Rising high in the sky with the threads ,

Balloons mesmerise us always.

Colours and brightness invigorate cheer ,

In those plump, round objects we gather smiles.

They teach us to love life in a liberty ,

They glide in the winds to send messages of peace and humanity.

From a child to an old ,

They attract the attention of all.

Rising high and higher they reach the clouds ,

Often they blast when we inflate it more.

In different colours they amuse us in a confidence ,

Life seems an anxiety free zone with innumerable happiness.

Often a child in tears instantly cheer ,

In melancholy people often tend to fear.

But these colourful balloons always motivate us ,

To live life in a stupendous manner.

Surpassing all adversities and hindrances ,

We acclimate situations that we dream to invade.

These balloons always bring joyfulness and exhilaration ,

In birthday parties or carnivals they are a fascination.

Diving into the memories as we enrich our vibes ,

Often a couple enthrall with balloons;

On Valentine’s Day with love that they prescribe.

In any foundation day celebration or Independence Day ,

Cheerful faces embellish occasions with their magic and impactful shades.

Offering balloons to children with affection ,

Rejoices anyone who gifts such a pleasure in a devotion.

A farewell or a fantasy ,

Balloons always heightens the ecstasy.

Festivals will remain incomplete ,

And cakes will be embellished on a table.

But without the colourful vibes of balloons ,

Life will be incomplete.

As our hopes to raise a passion ,

Will be devoid of a perfume. As these balloons consistently show us,

The righteous path to love life with compassion.

©®Somdatta Mitra