Somdatta Mitra-He jests at scars that never felt a wound

Somdatta Mitra

Country : India


In an apathy his cynosure reminds of a repugnance,

Mocking at our courtship with judgements.

It seemed his wit injured my heart ,

As he administered and embossed several scars.

Expressive of an abject despair ,

My love was under the encumbrance of his dare.

He jests at scars that never felt a wound ,

His life was like a dark cave devoid of any light that soothes.

Noone perhaps catapulted to urge for a union ,

No-one ever turned to him with any proposal.

Fragrance of a rose never attracted his soul ,

Deep into an insufficiency he turned into a hard coal.

Dreams have scattered his emotions ,

Sensations were chained by several disasters.

He never experienced the moments of love ,

How can he comprehend the pain and suffering to behove ?

Life was perhaps a despot to preserve an egoism ,

His envy generated several idiosyncracies.

Like a bulldozer his wit was concocted of a void ,

Lessons of compassion would change his perspectives in life.

He who has never unleashed his feelings ,

For a congeneric reservation of attractions and greetings .

Cannot perceive the pain and misery ,

Cannot cradle love and it’s quivery.

Mund të jetë një meme e 1 person dhe teksti që thotë "He jests at scars that never felt a wound. ~William Shakespeare AZQUOTES"