Somdatta Mitra-India

Somdatta Mitra

Country : India

Like candaverous corpses the victim whimpers.

Burning heart thwart over an outburst ,

Abuses , tormentations, helplessness aggravate a miserable situation.

Like candaverous corpses the victimised soul whimper ,

Treacherous enforcement aggrieve the innocence.

In dearth of happiness and peace ,

They trample on the virtuousness.

Augmenting to more dogmatism and ferocity ,

Narrow – minded egoist bombard and strangle the generosity.

That angel hidden inside the selfless sacrifices ,

Eschew the union which was considered holy.

How long that deliberate affliction will provoke and exploit ?

Infamous mind must learn to ennoble.

Can those blisters and patches erase ?

In such diabolical chains ?

Where dignity and morality is grinded in a debacle ,

Where honest services are labelled as ” incumbered ” .

The poison in the mind bethrothes hostility,

Where love once blossomed in the sensations to a divinity.

Those magical moments lay in the ashes of constant agony ,

A curse that has befallen in the most adorable garden ;

The fragrants there used to cradle love and appreciation.