Somdatta Mitra-Masculine vs feminine



There is no qualm over the segregation ,

That certain situations are quashed by the men.

Our patriarchial society authorises ,

An accretion to the dominating factor by males.

Since ancient times women were cursed ,

With the superstitious might and illeteracy and ignorance.

The purdah system honked for a legitimate survival by women ,

Their rights of equality were crushed into an importune.

In contemporary society an educated women ,

Still craves for the dignity in a battle for her recognition.

Men too needs a scaffold ;

for a dependent partner in their parameter.

How life interweaves a system !

Of masculine vs Feminine in various competitions.

Yet we all know that with equality ,

We build a society for a genuine representation of a family.

That family where a child is born out of both their union ,

A child who grows up to realise this segregation later.

Then the discrimination of the society ,

Baffles a person with a bathetic sensation for a omneity.

Yet the horizon is one ,

The differences between a man and woman continue to create a void.

Realisation of a strong bond ,

Might just efface the scars and correspond.

©®Amb. Somdatta Mitra