Somdatta Mitra-My country is my pride



My mind is free of any wound to sojourn,

My expectations reap a deliberate heap to fathom.

My country is my ultimate pride to reverberate,

As I enthrall over the various achievements and dialects to treasure.

From North to South and from East to West ,

Cultures , traditions, religions and caste do trigger the warmth and intensity.

Our motto is one and we seem to cherish the unity in diversity,

Adorable historic defeat surge for an independent entity.

We are a proud nation as we chant the mantras,

Patriotism raises the emotions of each and every citizen.

We celebrate this auspicious occasion, with equal ardour and precision.

Independence day is the victory over a colonial rule ,

Its historic feat is always memorable from every angle.

It is with pride and dignity ,

That I too cherish my country’s accomplishment and divinity.

With each development it has reaped victory ,

In each significant mission that we have outshined others.

In cherishing several religions and languages all together,

With this strength we behold unity in diversity as a treasure.

Where holy rivers worship the motherland with sacred entities,

Where brave sons sacrifice their lives to protect the nation.

Their dead body lies in a coffin wrapped with our national flag in a dignity ,

There our motherland is embellished with pride, vanity and fulfilment ;

As the chanting mantras VANDE MATARAM engulfs her in a felicity.

The wars have a deep impact in our scars ,

Our soldiers are tirelessly protecting the boundaries as bravehearts ,

In technology and science we have initiated several dignified missions ,

We accomplished several important targets in space or in overcoming malnutrition.

The celebrities in different fields have always outshone in various channels ,

When they accended The OLYMPIC games and achieved the resplendent medals.