Somdatta Mitra-My wish for you

Country : India


Mund të jetë një imazh i 1 person dhe duke buzëqeshur

I deliberately wish for you ,

A life where you continue to walk being a real self .

Where your minds never divulge in uncanny feelings ,

Where you reason your actions with a divine speech that is appealing.

Your confidence must boost your morale ,

Your temerity must feature your sensitivity that are rational.

Surprise others with your care and compassion ,

Obligate others over your kindness and cordiality.

Astonish the world for their unkind behaviour ,

With your genuine concern and comfortability.

Attract others over your thoughtfulness and empathy ,

Sympathise with those who are affected with an apathy.

Understand those minds who are enveloped with malice and jealousy ,

Reform those who needs a rehabilitation.

Your genuineness will enrich a million hearts ,

Your care and concern will uplift a world of personages.

You may acclimate all odds with your divine amiability ,

And reform the brusquely manners of the world.

Never be weak to become a victim of others ,

Where you can vociferate and engender your goals.

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