Somdatta Mitra-Republic day of India

Country : India 🇮🇳


Feelings that stir the spirits on Republic Day ,

As India reminiscences the patriotic cheer.

How the leaders of our great country !

Resolved to settle for the governance ;

through a Constitution .

Commitments and sacrifices adorned the authentication ,

As Dr. B.R. Ambedkar drafted the first Constitution ,

On 26th November it was finally adopted with much accord.

Republic Day marks the transformation,

Of a great country into a sovereign , socialist , secular , and democratic republic.

Today we celebrate the Republic Day with an acclaim,

In the vast diversity and cultural distinguishness,

As proud Indian our voices roar……..

Vande Mataram with a dignity,

The processions with cultural tableaus ;

enthuse spirits of patriotism and harmony.

Emphasizing the principles of justice , liberty , equality and fraternity ,

Through unity in diversity amidst religious and cultural entities.

The President of India hoists the National flag ,

The dignified military parade is an exposition of valour and might.

Thriving upon a reminder to preserve the commitments ,

Resonating cheer with a divinity.

To secure the unity and its rich diversity ,

To work for the goals of our law and democracy.

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